Institutional Wealth Management

Foundations / Endowments

Committed to every market where we work, Alexander Capital Wealth Management’s personal and corporate civic altruism bolsters our knowledge of philanthropic pursuits. Since our founding in 1987, our understanding of institutional charitable and philanthropic clients’ unique needs has guided our professional services and personal outreach.

We know a foundation’s endowment must grow to protect the organization’s mission. We’re aware of the importance charities place on their investments—and the markets those monies serve. We know this because we have a long, rich history of working with foundations, endowments and other non-profit organizations. We help them invest more wisely and enjoy significant and safe earnings on their money.

We ourselves are very involved in the non-profit community and are civic and foundation leaders, knowledgeable about organizations’ programmatic and financial concerns.  In turn, we help our non-profit clients plan and invest for a better tomorrow by asking and caring today.

Our experience with foundations spans organizations of all sizes—and their shared need to perform, even in challenging economies.

Foundations we have advised over the years today enjoy a far more organized and thoughtful approach, have achieved desired diversification and now can focus on new charitable endeavors they have the capability of funding.

With endowments, our history as both advisors to endowments, as well as our principals’ experience in serving as officers and directors of endowments, provides deep familiarity with their unique investment and reporting requirements. With boards and trustees alike, we are familiar with and empathetic to their needs.

Pension Funds and 401(k)s

Our pension fund clients are concerned for the well-being and growth of their employees’ retirement resources. This sense of responsibility, together with the trustees’ own legal liability, is what drives our process. Our approach is rational, focused and brings excellence in administration, education and investment options and performance.

Alexander Capital Wealth Management’s proven experience in pension fund and 401(k) planning touches every facet of the investment—from individual products, to entire portfolios, to over-arching strategy. At Alexander Capital Wealth Management, we…

  • Work with custodians to develop holistic, thoughtful investment portfolio models and investment options.
  • Provide options that include guidance to participants with respect to their individual objectives and risk profiles.
  • Can provide annual workshops to educate participants about investing, options and model choices, including annual performance calculations for each model for participants’ review and comparison with other models.

With all our pension and 401(k) clients, Alexander Capital Wealth Management provides customized quarterly Investment Commentary empowering participants to review manager performance and any model changes.