Introduction to Alexander Capital Wealth Management



The foundation of all successful relationships begins with trust. We develop trust by listening to your personal and financial goals. We generate a customized plan based on your objectives, a plan based on independently researched financial advice.

We believe in open and consistent communication.


Wealth management with clarity and flexibility is our goal for you. As your life changes, so do your needs. And so does our advice.

Comprehensive life planning includes a thorough examination of assets and estate issues, as well as risk and liabilities management.

Advice and planning are only valuable if monitored and executed in a timely manner. We pride ourselves in the disciplined quarterly monitoring and reporting we provide to our clients.

You can rely on our due diligence and risk management skills as a mainstay for your personal wealth planning.

How We Do Business

Process with a purpose

Our methodology begins with identifying your objectives, short and long term goals, risk tolerance and expectations. We will review your assets, liabilities and insurance coverages. In order to identify potential risks to your family we will create a meaningful and dynamic strategy, adaptable to the changes that may occur in your life. The next step is creating a personal investment policy statement and setting allocation limits for an array of diversified asset classes. The last portion of the investment process involves quarterly reporting and regular discussions of portfolio performance in order to ensure a consistent focus on your goals.


We understand that your life demands a busy schedule so we will reach out to maintain open lines of communication. Through consistently assessing your needs, we will provide you with meaningful alternatives for managing your life events. We will provide quarterly reviews for you to easily asses the current status of your investments and alert you to market changes or timely information of interest to you.


Our fundamental principles are a commitment to professionalism and a focus on our clients. We are fiercely independent in our research and recommendations. In addition, we strive to provide the very highest holistic service model by continually improving. We recognize that life is multifaceted, and there are many professionals who play significant roles in different areas. Working with your specialists enables us to afford you the best possible service. As your Wealth Advisors, we will work in harmony with these individuals to offer you seamless guidance in all aspects of life.